Until Death Do Us Part Release

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Hey guys

Some people seem to be having some trouble with our main site, http://i-manga.org I’m not sure what the problem is, maybe we ran out of bandwidth for the month or something. I am sadly not given that information so I don’t know but that would be my guess.

So I uploaded the the release on Megaupload, I assume that would be much easier as a backup. So here’s the releases:

v02 ch15

v02 ch16

v02 Omake


Black Lagoon latest Release

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As most of you know our site has a bandwidth problem at the moment. The person who is hosting the site for us has not gotten back to me about it’s progress but until then, all latest releases of Black Lagoon i.e. chapters 19+20+omake can be found on our irc channel at #imanga @ irchighway so pop on by and get it from there.

The same goes for the surprising 4 scanlated volumes of Kurogane no Linebarrel that was so generously pointed out to us. These volumes are also available on our irc channel. So while waiting for our site to get fixed, hopping on IRC is just as good. If you’re lucky you might even run into some of our staff and get info on how our projects are going.

Until Death Do Us Part ch14

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Hey guys, ch14 of Until Death is here~!!!! (In the Downloads section ofcourse)… Looks like Mamoru’s got some whoopin’ he’d like to do ^^ Thanks to Chaz for the awesome translation!! He did a wonderful job, but for some reasons he is not able to translate Until Death for us anymore *cries* so if any translators out there who are willing to help us bring this awesome manga some more attention please email me at imanga.mel@gmail.com, your help could save this manga.

Some great news for i-manga, our official scanlation website is up, here at http://i-manga.org/ so now we don’t have to keep using this blog. Thanks to Mass^Zero who created our website, it looks really awesome I can’t thank him enough. All our releases from now and updates will be published on http://i-manga.org/ so rebookmark the site people, I will post here for 1 or 2 more releases just in case, but that’s our official website now.

Also, look forward to Black Lagoon. We’ll have it for you as soon as we can~

Triple Release

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Black Lagoon ch17 & 18

Hey guys

Our long awaited double release of Black Lagoon is finally here!! It took a little longer than expected… Please forgive us for we have been busy and we hope to be more regular now. We still haven’t heard from our translator who was doing one of the chapters (the main reason why this release is late), so we decided to put it in the hands of our awesome translator … “Lutris” who translated ch17 for us (we shall forever praise him and his greatness) so here we are, with 2 chapters of Black Lagoon 😀 Enjoy~!! ^_^

Grab it from the Downloads section~

Until Death Do Us Part ch13

Until Deat

And here is our first release of Until Death Do Us Part, one of the new projects we picked up. We were going to release this sometime last week, but the translator was undergoing final exams… but now they’re over (woohoo!). The events following the kick-ass blind guy and the precog cirl continues… You can find it in the Downloads section.

Projects Update

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I know you guys might be expecting another Black Lagoon release this week, so I thought I’d give you a little update on what’s been going on. For this week’s release we decided to try out our new translator, unfortunately we have not heard from him for a while now so we don’t know when to expect it. So we’ve decided to not release a chapter this week, and instead we’re going to give you a double release next week! By that time we hope to release at a weekly pace if everything goes well.

Also on another note, we have dropped our Bartender project. There was a minor misunderstanding with the DATS group and now we will not be associating with them and vice versa in the future. Although fear not, for we have picked up some cool new projects to add to our list:

  • Until Death Do Us Part (In which translations have already begun)
  • Kurogane no Linebarrel (Translations are also underway, however expect it around June)
  • Ashita Dorobou (A new project of ours that we have undertaken, very promising)

These new projects of ours have already been started, though due to most of our team undergoing final exams at the moment we will have to postpone them till June when we are free. At the moment Black Lagoon will be our priority.

Black Lagoon ch16

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Hey guys! Without further ado I present to you…. CHAPTER 16!!!!! Yeah you heard me right! This chapter was really hard to put together so I hope that you guys love it. It’s the start of a new arc: “Goat, Jihad, Rock ‘N Roll”. So grab it from the downloads section and enjoy.


Well some news on our other series “Bartender”… we have recently decided to do this project as a joint scanlation with the scanlation group DATS. We are allowing them to release chapter 4 and we will be commencing with the joint from chapter 5 onwards. So look forward to it k !!

Black Lagoon ch15

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Blue Lagoon


Well finally, our first release is here!!! Thanks to our lovely staff… (Archiel and my lovely self) and all the hard work that was put in, we have finally released Black Lagoon chapter 15 for you guys. You can get it from the Downloads section.

We Need Translators

And don’t forget we are still recruiting translators for Bartender and Black Lagoon, so until we get more our release frequency is not guaranteed. So if you want to apply, then by all means please email me at imanga.mel@gmail.com or go reply in the Recruitment section.