Triple Release

Black Lagoon ch17 & 18

Hey guys

Our long awaited double release of Black Lagoon is finally here!! It took a little longer than expected… Please forgive us for we have been busy and we hope to be more regular now. We still haven’t heard from our translator who was doing one of the chapters (the main reason why this release is late), so we decided to put it in the hands of our awesome translator … “Lutris” who translated ch17 for us (we shall forever praise him and his greatness) so here we are, with 2 chapters of Black Lagoon 😀 Enjoy~!! ^_^

Grab it from the Downloads section~

Until Death Do Us Part ch13

Until Deat

And here is our first release of Until Death Do Us Part, one of the new projects we picked up. We were going to release this sometime last week, but the translator was undergoing final exams… but now they’re over (woohoo!). The events following the kick-ass blind guy and the precog cirl continues… You can find it in the Downloads section.


15 Responses to “Triple Release”

  1. solitaryCross Says:

    I just wanna say thank has been too long since somebody noticed this awesome manga!!

  2. solitaryCross Says:

    As for BLACK LAGOON, thank you also. Though I already know what’s gonna happen (all thanks to the anime). It is still great reading the original source material..

  3. Reddrum101 Says:

    awesome thanks sorry for my impatience im kinda A D D and im always fidgeting

  4. Thanks for giving us more blind guy ownage; I’m glad someone took this project 😛

    Thank you very much! ;D

  5. Mullzie Says:

    Nice keep up the good work ^^

  6. thanks, been waiting for another chapter.

  7. Thank You. Finally, someone decided to continue this series 😀

  8. Thanks for continuing this excellent manga 🙂

  9. Thanks for “Until Death Do Us Part”. I just found out about this manga. Well, better late than never 😀 And so glad that you released the 13th chapter.

  10. Thank you ever so much for this! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  11. Thank you for the wonderfully job done on translating the manga. I fell in love with it at first sight =3 *heart* (I think I’m going to hunt for the manga in my place) Hope to see more release from you guys.

  12. Hey there just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your incredible work. I respect what you do immensely. It’s so selfless, its just wonderful. Anyway, keep it up. Can’t wait till the next Black Lagoon release and eventually those beyond the anime. Thanks again.

  13. Avatar Gurl Says:

    Hey, WHERE’S the BLACK LAGOON? Has it sunk somewhere? Hey let me know Here!

  14. Hey Avatar Gurl. There has been a pause in our scanlating because our staff has been busy for a couple of months. When we start getting new staff applying or if our staff suddenly returns then scanlating will continue. Right now it is on hold.

  15. Truthful words, some authentic words dude. You made my day!!

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