Until Death Do Us Part ch14

Hey guys, ch14 of Until Death is here~!!!! (In the Downloads section ofcourse)… Looks like Mamoru’s got some whoopin’ he’d like to do ^^ Thanks to Chaz for the awesome translation!! He did a wonderful job, but for some reasons he is not able to translate Until Death for us anymore *cries* so if any translators out there who are willing to help us bring this awesome manga some more attention please email me at imanga.mel@gmail.com, your help could save this manga.

Some great news for i-manga, our official scanlation website is up, here at http://i-manga.org/ so now we don’t have to keep using this blog. Thanks to Mass^Zero who created our website, it looks really awesome I can’t thank him enough. All our releases from now and updates will be published on http://i-manga.org/ so rebookmark the site people, I will post here for 1 or 2 more releases just in case, but that’s our official website now.

Also, look forward to Black Lagoon. We’ll have it for you as soon as we can~


2 Responses to “Until Death Do Us Part ch14”

  1. Thanks for the release this series is kicking ass.

  2. So, are you guys ever gonna fix the bandwidth error over at the official site? Cause I’ve been trying for the last two weeks to dl Black Lagoon 19+20+omake but to no avail. Perhaps you could re-up it here or to some other hosting site while you work out your stuff.

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