Until Death Do Us Part Release

Hey guys

Some people seem to be having some trouble with our main site, http://i-manga.org I’m not sure what the problem is, maybe we ran out of bandwidth for the month or something. I am sadly not given that information so I don’t know but that would be my guess.

So I uploaded the the release on Megaupload, I assume that would be much easier as a backup. So here’s the releases:

v02 ch15

v02 ch16

v02 Omake


10 Responses to “Until Death Do Us Part Release”

  1. love chapter 16 :D, so there will be romance in the future

  2. DemanHunter Says:

    Yea great chapter and i hope that new ones are coming soon ^^

  3. Love it. Thank you so much.

  4. SOSAnimeBoy Says:

    Just out of curiosity, what is the scene on the credit page from? It doesn’t look like UDDUP, because the girl’s bust is way too big.

  5. It’s UDDUP. It’s the next volume.

  6. my name is Binh Yen from [A4V] group (http://anime4viet.com/)
    my group is for sharing and translating (mostly) manga + anime into vietnamese for free to fans.
    We have known your group with the work on Until death fo us part project.
    today I write this letter to ask permission for re-translate and re-edit that project into vietnamese for fans who cannot read in English.
    Of course, we would include all your credits and links to your website. We only get vietnamese credits.

    *and if you give us your permissions on translating this project, is it ok that we can now on using your work on other projects so that we dont have to go through such letters of permissions and wont disturb your time anymore?. If thats ok that would be such great help and all of us appreciate your understandings and helping us.

    Thank you for reading this, we’re looking forward to your answer.

    Binh Yen

  7. I really apologize if I post this in such a wrong place 😦

  8. You haven’t left an email address to contact u by so I will just reply here. This is our backup website, our main website is http://i-manga.org

    For the translations, you may use them to translate to vietnamese but you cannot use our edits, as in our scans. You have to scanlate your version of until death using a RAW version of your own and clean it yourself.

  9. Oh, sorry, my mistake :(. Anyway, thank you for allowing us using your translations, that’s great enough ^^ Vietnamese community (esspecially [A4V]) greatly appreciate your helps!

  10. I just want to point out that it does not look like you ran out of bandwidth. Your domain registration expired and was picked up by a squatter.

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